Chairman’s ‘mardle’ May

The start of this most memorable year saw the first Trustee meeting unfortunately accepting the resignation by the inaugural Chairman, Noel Galer, and as a result my election as new Chairman continuing the trend as one of the founding Trustees.
This theme was unfortunately continued with the resignation of the Vice-Chairman, Paul Hooper, to concentrate on the challenges around the growing development pressures in Martham, but this position remained vacant with everything standing still due to the pandemic lock-down.

Robin Neve B.Sc. M.R.I.C.S
Chairman of Flegg Community Land Trust The Green
NR29 4PL


I fully support the objects of Flegg CLT and in particular I understand that :-
  • Members each have one vote at general meetings regardless of how many £1 (one pound) shares they hold;
  • Shares will never be worth more than I pay for them, could even reduce in value, and there will be no dividend payable to subscribers;
  • This is not a savings scheme and I may not get any or all of my money back should I ever ask for this in the future. If I wish to leave the CLT, the Trustees will consider whether my share money can be returned. Flegg CLT cannot guarantee it will have sufficient funds;
  • The shares are not backed by any compensation scheme or ombudsman;