CLTs help local organisations and people like you with important issues in your area: homes, amenities, perpetuity, control


Flegg Community Land Trust (FCLT), was formed to work on behalf of all communities within the scope of the northern parishes of the Great Yarmouth Borough , comprising :-

Ashby with Oby, Caister-on-Sea, Filby, Fleggburgh (with Clippesby and Billockby), Hemsby, Martham, Mautby (with Runham & Thrigby),
Ormesby St Margaret with Scratby, Ormesby St Michael, Repps with Bastwick, Rollesby, Somerton, Stokesby (with Herringby), Thurne and Winterton on Sea

Community Land Trusts (CLTs) are a way for people from a village, neighbourhood, town or city to get together and create a non-profit organisation for the good of their community. Run completely by volunteers, a CLT strives to meet the long-term needs of its community by acquiring assets, for example building permanently affordable housing or workspaces, or acquiring the local pub, library or shop. These then stay owned by the CLT organisation forever.


Robin Neve

Robin is a founding Trustee of the Flegg Community Land Trust having been invited to early meetings when it was just an idea that was being explored between local people. He has since continued in an active role since registration and took over as Chairman at the beginning of  2020.


Have a say in the direction of Flegg CLT by becoming a member.

Ultimately, to have the opportunity to join the Board of Trustees.

Help to influence the future development of your community.

Act as a guardian of the Objectives of Flegg CLT and promote its interests.

Receive regular news and events information.

Have volunteering opportunities to participate in a range and variety of community projects.

Most importantly, your membership will help Flegg CLT to be truly representative of the local community.
As well as guaranteeing democracy and ensuring its assets are protected, Flegg CLT will be able to raise money for investment through issuing new shares specifically designated for that purpose. Those shares may carry a risk and return that may be of interest to community-minded investors.
However, currently Flegg CLT wants more members, and we are asking for those that support our objectives, mission and values to join us by completing the application form.


CLTs help local organisations and people like you with
important issues in your area :-


CLTs provide homes for people with strong local connections to their community, at levels that are genuinely affordable.


CLTs don’t just build houses, they can provide other assets for the community.
This could include workspaces, recreational facilities, a shop, cafe or pub or anything that the community needs!


Homes and any other community assets are secured in perpetuity via a statutory asset lock.
As such, CLT homes also fall outside the scope of the Right to Buy.


Ultimately, CLTs allow communities to take back control over the future development of their local area,
and provide the homes and amenities that they want.


Application for membership is open to :-

any individual over the age of 18 living and / or working within the area is able to join Flegg CLT, and also anyone owning land in the area can apply.

any incorporated or un-incorporated body active within Flegg CLT’s scope (and represented by a nominated individual) that supports the objectives of the Trust and agrees to be bound by its Rules.

Membership requires the purchase of a share to the value of £1 (one pound), and to become a member an application should be made in writing to Flegg CLT’s registered office accompanied by the £1 share purchase or donation. An application form can be downloaded or filled in on this site. When considering applications for membership, the Trustees will consider each application on its merits having regard to the Rules of Flegg CLT its policies and objectives.

frequently Asked Questions

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I fully support the objects of Flegg CLT and in particular I understand that :-
  • Members each have one vote at general meetings regardless of how many £1 (one pound) shares they hold;
  • Shares will never be worth more than I pay for them, could even reduce in value, and there will be no dividend payable to subscribers;
  • This is not a savings scheme and I may not get any or all of my money back should I ever ask for this in the future. If I wish to leave the CLT, the Trustees will consider whether my share money can be returned. Flegg CLT cannot guarantee it will have sufficient funds;
  • The shares are not backed by any compensation scheme or ombudsman;